Immerse yourself in one of the best horse safari experiences in Africa. This is a time when wildlife conservation actively becomes part of the guest experience, whether in the game vehicle or on horseback. Our Annual Game Census Safari is extremely popular with those who desire a unique safari adventure they can’t get elsewhere – and it’s especially sought-after by horse safari enthusiasts who really want to get the blood pumping! Read more below about this epic adventure – and book in early as this is our most popular event, for good reason!

11 years and counting


For those who are hooked on Africa and riding, there comes a time when you want a totally different horse safari experience. Our annual game census safari is just that! It’s a time in the bush when wildlife conservation prevails and horse riders have the opportunity to be part of it for an entire week, usually held in June.

From game counting and darting, to capturing and relocating wildlife on horseback, the activities all have a unique purpose: to keep the private reserve and its animal residents thriving. Traditionally game censuses are done by helicopter but we capitalise on what we know best and perform the whole operation on horseback. It continues to remain more accurate than a helicopter count and most importantly, causes zero disturbance to the wildlife.

It’s a unique way to experience horseback riding and the bush in a way that whole-heartedly immerses participants into anything but ordinary activities on the private game reserve. Those guests not participating in game census on horseback can join in on the vehicles, however we do not offer “normal or separate” game drives or guided walks during this week especially during the days that we are actively busy with game count or game capture.

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